Many homeowners and businessman dream of having gorgeous, classy wooden floors. However, once installed the floor, most of them forget it’s not everlasting and you have to look after the wood, to maintain its stability and great look. That includes some floor sanding and restoration services regularly. Watch out though, floor sanding can only be done a couple of times, depending on the wood.

Kensington parquet floor sanding can be especially tricky, so do not trust the average online tips on how to handle it on your own. You may save some money, but it’s wiser to delegate this task to a professional, so you can achieve the best possible results. Our experts have solid experience in the field, great work for moderate costs is guaranteed.

How We Approach a Parquet Floor Sanding Project

We’ve decided to sum up the entire sanding algorithm for you, to give a clearer view of the whole thing, and the skills needed for the job. Similar to other home repair and improvement tasks, meticulous prep is the key to success, as well as using the suitable Kensington parquet floor sanding machines, tools and products. Devoting enough time to get the work done is also imperative. To start with, the entire floor should be examined for unstable blocks, which may not be firmly attached to the underfloor, they are usually the prime suspects when it comes to squeaky sounds or stability issues. It’s entirely possible and quite common for the boards to have small gaps between them, developed with time. The parquet floor sanding preparation stage is the most convenient one for taking care of these gaps and glue down any loose planks.

It’s also crucial to clean thoroughly the whole base with a detergent that dissolves wax, especially if it’s an old one. Usually, there are several layers, which would simply impede the parquet floor sanding machines. If installing a brand-new parquet, the underfloor should be cleaned and levelled as well.

А concern any homeowner should clear out in advance before the parquet floor sanding procedure is the current thickness of the wood. It is helpful to know the number of times so far the parquet has been sanded or if it has been restored in any way at all. If our machines scrub out too much material, that could uncover tongues and grooves. To avoid any trouble, we usually try to go as fine as we can.

Staining is recommended for any wood, as it provides extra protection by sealing the timber itself. Our professionals stain the surface in sections and we always work toward the doorway, so that we don’t step on the recently stained floor. Please note that most stains need to be left overnight to dry.

The last step is the finishing procedure. Choosing the most suitable product is important at this stage. Usually, oils and waxes are highly recommended, as they show off best the beauty of the restored floor. At the same time, they create a protective layer, preventing dirt and moisture from penetrating deep into the wood and possibly ruining it. Usually, a couple of coats are required; the last one must be left un-sanded.

Years of Experience and a Great Portfolio of Wood Floor Services

We are sanding specialists, but in some cases, you may need some additional help, including repairs of floors in poor condition and we can also offer you that. We highly believe our services are not only one straightaway process but the full care package in order to achieve the desired outcome. What you can expect in addition to our parquet floor sanding service is:

  • Gap filling – A service, dedicated to filling non-structural gaps with high quality resin fillers and leaving the surface uniform and smooth.
  • Repairs and restoration - We will give you our honest recommendation for repair services if there are deep dents and scratches, penetrating through the top layer, also loose or broken blocks. We can replace them and find the perfect match.
  • Wood floorboards replacement – for broken spots and blocks, which can fit no more due to moisture effect and so. Our spot repair service is better than replacing the whole floor.
  • Wood floor refinishing – The perfect finishing touch after sanding because wood’s pores are open and the products will adhere better and achieve flawless and even coverage and durable protection.
  • Wood floor staining – Enhancing the natural beauty of the wood species’ colour or adding a new and exciting shade to your favourite wooden floor and achieving a more contemporary look.

Products Used for Our Parquet Floor Sanding and Refinishing Projects

Parquet floor sanding is perceived as a serious challenge by many experts in the industry. Indeed, being able to restore the condition of the floorboards without affecting the concept of the pattern and its integrity is not the easiest thing in the world and requires a lot of experience, knowledge, mastership. Sanding a parquet floor straightforward as you can do with other types of wood flooring is impossible because it means you are sanding against the grain and damaging the floorboards. Therefore, make sure that your parquet floor sanding project is left in the reliable hands of reputable experts like the ones in our team. Along with utilising contemporary and innovative methods and equipment, we also rely on premium quality products for refinishing the parquet floor. Following are a few examples of the best products we will use for your project and for achieving really flawless results.

  • Bona Mega – a waterborne, polyurethane finish designed for both domestic and commercial use. Available in extra-matte, matte, satin, and gloss.
  • Bona Traffic HD – a two-component polyurethane finish designed for commercial use for high-traffic and heavy use areas. Available in extra-matte, matte, and satin.
  • Bona Classic Primer – a primer for light wood colouration. Suitable to all types of wood and wood flooring.
  • Bona Prime Amberseal – a waterborne primer for intense and rich colouration of the wood.
  • Bona Prime Deep – an oil-based primer for enriching the natural grain and pattern of the wood.
  • Bona Prime Intense – a waterborne primer for untreated wooden surfaces and for producing medium to the rich colouration of the wood.
  • Bona Mega and Traffic Natural – A high-quality lacquer for all types of wood and for producing durable and hard-wearing protection.
  • Junckers Strong Varnish – water-borne, polyurethane lacquer with hard-wearing properties and great durability.
  • Junckers BasePrime Primer – a quick-drying primer for water-based and solvent-based lacquers.
  • Junckers PreLak Primer – a fast-drying, water-based primer for water-based finishing products.
  • Junckers HP Commercial – a hard-wearing, water-based polyurethane lacquer for commercial use.
  • Loba WS Easy Prime – a polyurethane-acrylate waterborne primer, easy application, fast-drying.
  • Loba WS Viva One-Component Lacquer – designed for solid wood and parquet floors.
  • Loba WS Fusion Two-Component Lacquer – Designed for the treatment of busy and high-traffic areas, for commercial use.

Make sure to contact us on 020 70360624 whenever you have additional questions about the services we deliver and for requesting a free on-site inspection of your wooden floor.