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Floor sanding Kensington is our team’s speciality for many years already. For over a decade now we are gaining expertise and knowledge in the field of floor sanding Kensington so we can confidently say we are offering one of the best floor sanding Kensington services in the market. Whenever you feel like your favourite wooden floor have seen better days and it is too old, worn down and tired to bring you joy and comfort, it means it is time to contact our floor sanding Kensington team and we can take proper care of the wooden surface.

Our floor sanding Kensington service is designed not only to beautifying and improving your favourite wooden flooring and stairs visually but mostly to improve the condition and minimising the risk of more serious issues. Removing all surface imperfections and achieving a flawless and uniform look for the floor is just a big bonus, but the main goal of our floor sanding Kensington team is making every old and worn floor more durable, stable, and solid. We achieve that by working with a wide variety of highly professional floor sanding Kensington equipment, premium quality products like finishes, primers, stains, etc., and, of course, our passion and expertise for real wood flooring. Here is what you can expect from a floor sanding Kensington service with us and how our floor sanding Kensington team will take care of your wooden floors.

Floor Sanding Kensington: First Steps

Every floor sanding Kensington project starts with a thorough inspection of the condition of the floor. Our floor sanding Kensington team will have an in-depth look at your floor and all imperfections and decide on the best approach to treat the floor. No unnecessary services will be suggested or recommended, only what our floor sanding Kensington team believes is extremely important for improving the condition and appearance of the floor. Therefore, with us you can feel in safe and reliable hands, we will never mislead you to pay for something your floor does not need. In most cases a floor needs just a good floor sanding Kensington treatment to look and feel brand new again.

However, some cases require more in-depth renovation and some repairs and our floor sanding Kensington team will happily help you and take care of the floor, fixing all issues and imperfections before the actual floor sanding Kensington service. In case additional repairs are not required, in order for the floor sanding Kensington service to start, we need to make sure the room where sanding is planned is decluttered and free of all obstacles that may interrupt the sanding process – carpets and rugs, furniture pieces, other objects. You can either remove all items out of the room before the floor sanding Kensington service or you can ask our floor sanding Kensington team for assistance.

Floor Sanding Kensington: Sanding Process

The main concept of a floor sanding Kensington process is simply to strip off the top layer of the floor. The top layer usually includes the old finish along with some surface imperfections such as scratches, marks, dents, stains, etc. On a rare occasion, these imperfections will penetrate through the finish and damage the bare wood underneath. In such cases, depending on how many times the floor has been re-sanded before and its thickness, our floor sanding Kensington team will also sand a very thin layer of the floorboards themselves so they can achieve a very smooth and uniform surface.

Our floor sanding Kensington team has experience working on all sorts of real wood floors – solid wood, engineered wood and parquet flooring. All these three different types of real wood flooring require different approaches and our floor sanding Kensington team has the required expertise and knowledge to treat them properly. In addition, our floor sanding Kensington service is always tailored to the individual specifics of the project. No two wooden floors are the same, therefore our floor sanding Kensington specialist takes into account all the specifics of the floor, its environment and how it has been used in the past and based on that they handle the floor sanding Kensington project in the best possible way for the floor.

Floor Sanding Kensington: Refinishing

Every floor sanding Kensington project will continue and finish with refinishing the floor. Once the floor is sanded, our floor sanding Kensington team make sure the surface is absolutely smooth and uniform and there is no trace from the old finish and any imperfection left, it is about to have the floor refinished. Refinishing is the process following the floor sanding Kensington process and it involves the application of at least a couple of layers of finishing or sealing product to ensure the long-lasting and hard-wearing protection of the floorboards. Refinishing the floor will make sure you are able to enjoy it for many more decades. There are many different types of finishes available on the market, the one you will choose depends on the finish that has been used initially along with your personal preferences and how you want your floor to look. Our floor sanding Kensington team will gladly recommend you the best finish that will fit your floor and overall interior and will be easy to maintain in perfect condition.

Floor Sanding Kensington: Professional Service

So, if you are wondering why you should choose a professional floor sanding Kensington service, let us explain. Of course, you can attempt sanding your own floor, there are many online guides and equipment for hire available. However, no one is better than a professional floor sanding Kensington service and our floor sanding Kensington team is reliable and experienced enough to achieve stunning, flawless results. A DIY project could be very risky and turn out to be a real nightmare. You may cause more issues instead of fixing them. Therefore, when it comes to an expensive investment as a real wood floor, we definitely recommend you choosing a professional floor sanding Kensington service. Our floor sanding Kensington professionals will treat your wooden floor with care and attention to detail.

Looking for a high-quality floor sanding Kensington service? Our floor sanding Kensington team will gladly help you, contact us today at 020 70360624.